Blue Tip Electronic Cigarette: Why Go With a Blue Tip?

Blue Tip Electronic Cigarette Technology:

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the LED light at the end of the electronic cigarette battery. But before we get into that, I just want to be clear you know what I’m referring to. The Electronic cigarette is designed to replicate smoking. So every time you take a drag on it, a light on the tip of the battery, lights up. It’s extremely clever. When you are done taking a drag, the light goes off. Just to further clarify, you are not inhaling smoke when you take a drag on an electronic cigarette, you are inhaling vapor. The electronic cigarette contains two or three components: a battery (with the LED light tip on it’s end) and either an atomizer and a flavor cartridge or an atomizer combined with a flavor cartridge, appropriately called… a cartomizer!

The Electronic Cigarette LED light functionality:

Many people say there is an advantage to the 2 piece model for it’s simplicity and ease of use but others feel the 3 piece model makes each component stronger. In any event, whether as a cartomizer or separate components. the atomizer heats up the e-liquid or e juice, which contains nicotine, flavoring and propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is FDA approved for it’s lack of toxicity and you can find it in products we eat or use every day, like soft drinks and ice cream. The prop glycol is what creates all the vapor, which you inhale. That’s how the nicotine gets delivered to your system. As you are inhaling the vapor (called “vaping” by electronic cigarette users in the know) the LED light goes on. This design element helps replicates the smoking experience down to the finest detail. The LED light can also let you know when the electronic cigarette is properly charged, by glowing steadily, when it’s plugged into the charger and ready to go.

Blue Tip pros and cons:

So here are the different schools of thought: The more popular point of view is that people want an experience with their electronic cigarette that replicates the smoking experience as closely as possible. For this reason, most electronic cigarette brands stick with an LED light that glows orange or red. That way, the electronic cigarette looks the same as a real cigarette. The philosophy behind this is that you want to be as socially comfortable as possible and the LED glowing a discrete orange/red helps you fit in to any environment you are with smokers in. You will look the same as all the smokers but you will be greatly reducing your health risks, eliminating second hand smoke and saving yourself a ton of money, among other advantages. You will also have another major advantage over smokers because you can vape your electronic cigarette in most environments where smoking isn’t allowed. Have you ever watched the TV show Mad Men? People smoked EVERYWHERE back then! Over time smokers have been relegated to back alleys and parking lots! Not so with the Electronic Cigarette. You can vape that thing ANYWHERE.

Here’s where the debate comes in:

The trouble is that if you whip out your electronic cigarette with it’s glowing orange LED in a busy bar or pub, the owner of said bar or pub will not be able to tell whether you are taking a drag on a real cig (illegal) or an e cig (legal.) This can create a big hassle for people using the electronic cigarette in public places. Even though you technically are allowed to smoke it, you are putting other people on edge… fellow pub goers because they may not realize there’s no second hand smoke coming from you and pub owners because they need to make sure no one is doing anything illegal in their establishment. The last thing a bar owner wants to do on a busy night is police his customers to make sure that orange glow is not a cigarette. And, on your end, you might take greater comfort vaping on an ecig that glows blue instead of orange, so there’s no confusion and you don’t get unnecessarily hassled. Makes a lot of sense.

 Blue Tip Opportunists:

It makes so much sense, in fact that at least one company has even sprung up to take advantage of the trend and positioned themselves in the market as THE blue tip electronic cigarette. They’ve even advertised on TV. But you can tell a company is fly by night when they offer only one flavor options. As a consumer you have to be careful about purchasing online from companies that aren’t well established. If you want a safe bet for a blue tip electronic cigarette there are 2 brands I would recommend: one in Europe and one in America. V2Cigs is my top recommended e cig because of their quality and affordability. They are also the most customer centric brand I’ve researched. They offer 3 different color options for the LED light. Click on the link to read my V2Cigs review. Blu Cigs would seem like an obvious choice but they are pricier than V2 by @ $15 for the starter kit. Blu Cigs has great e juice but gets lots of complaints about their batteries. Also their parts are proprietary which means if you switch brands you have to start from scratch. V2 is the most popular brand in the US, blue tip or no. Sky cigs are the UK’s most popular brand. Sky Cig offer a choice of an orange LED or blue.